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THE POETRY HEALING COURSE: Writing from Your Heart and Soul

A Course Designed for Everyone

This transformative 4-week downloadable audio course is designed to help you safely discover personal healing and resolution through the cathartic act of writing poetry. With an additional 44-page e-book of written exercises, openers, and prompts created by Susan Frybort, author of Hope is a Traveler and Open Passages.


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In this E-course You Will

Reconnect & Recognize

This course will safely lead you to your earliest memories, help you to unearth and make sense of blocked or stagnant emotions around real life events, and awaken your poetic voice.

Express & Empower

You will explore the many long-held feelings, fears, and beliefs that contributed to your ongoing inner narrative. You’ll revisit moments and adjust your lens accordingly, allowing fresh language to ignite into free-flowing poems.

Methods & Meditations

You will receive tools, exercises, openers, and meditations as support. Susan’s caring talks provide the means to nurture your healing journey. You will flourish in deserved recognition as you’re tenderly guided towards personal healing and insight. All your lived experiences, as well as the many faces of your poetic voice, will be honored and celebrated.

This course is an invitation.

Your healing and writing have longed to engage in a process that offers personal validation and connection.

This course is an opportunity.

The act of writing engages internal healing resources that affect emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. The Poetry Healing Course is a nurturing place to access any support you’ll need to develop your poetic voice, while healing your heart. No previous writing experience required.

Heal the places within that call for tenderness and attention.

Explore your emotional terrain and overcome barriers to expression.

Discover the deep wisdom in your life experiences that will propel your poetry.

Connect to your body and memories to integrate into your writing process.

Become your greatest source of inspiration and deepen your poetic voice.

You have been through the darkest reaches in life, walking in and out of the struggle, yet miraculously surfacing with astonishing resilience. Whether or not your mind can accurately recall the details of this sacred journey, your body and soul remember and have saved every nuance of each experience to inform your writing. Every memory rests safely within your being, along with the initial feelings birthed around each event.  Poetry longs to connect with your most private realizations and inspirations using a unique language only you can supply.

We are all poets in our own right. Our lives provide the content of our poetry, while our emotive responses create the tone. Sometimes we feel disconnected from our experiences and even a level of detachment from our vast range of feelings. Often, we are not able to process the numerous events, encounters, and discoveries and may understandably undergo a sense of severance from our own self. Perhaps you have felt there is something lacking in your energies, your expression, and your aliveness in ways you’ve never been able to adequately define.  We live out our deep-seated questions in an attempt to bridge to some life-affirming answers.  Through the act of cathartic writing, poetry offers us a meaningful bridge to many of our long-held questions, and ultimately a bridge to understanding ourselves as it relates to our wholeness.

For a number of valid reasons, you’ve had to put many legitimate feelings away. In turn, you may feel an inability to connect to your right to experience many positive emotions, like joy and celebration. Life wants you to show up fully to enjoy an ongoing interactive observance of your precious existence, as Poetry calls out for you to commemorate your life in lasting words.

If this speaks to you, I’m certain this course will take you on an unforgettable and inspiring poetic journey.

In this course you’ll receive the comprehensive tools you’ll need to begin, along with the caring guidance you’ll require to feel supported throughout the journey.  This course will gently walk you back to your earliest memories, then direct you to a clearing where you can reconnect and inspect the origin of your pain, fear, anxiety, grief, joyfulness, or elation. The variety of exercises will assist in forming the language and locating your poetic voice. The entire process is as liberating as it is therapeutic— and in many ways, deeply healing and empowering. This course will tenderly meet you where you are to accompany you through the woods of the unknown and the forgotten, down into the grief-stricken valleys within the bodily terrain, and onto the bright, celebratory pastures of insight and recognition. You will feel emboldened to write the many poems you’ve been holding tightly, and ready to live fully, using your personal poetry as newfound inspiration as you continue writing from your heart and soul.

4 weekly talks and 44 pages of exercises, openers, writing prompts, and meditations.


Writing from Your Heart and Soul


Owning Your Bodily and Emotional Terrain


Allowing Grief and Trauma Expression


Exploring life and Experiencing Joy

A Word from Course Creator & Facilitator Susan Frybort

A Word from Course Creator & Facilitator Susan FrybortAs early as I can remember, I have been on a poetry-writing healing journey. As a child, I was deeply drawn to poetry and found myself captivated by rhythm, rhyme and sequence. As a young teen, I wrote as a means of continual connection and recognition. As an adult trauma survivor, I turned to poetry writing as a way of working through my multi-layered material and cleaning out past wounds. Through my life, I have learned that poetry more than bears witness as it logs events in passing.

Your poetry was born the moment you started talking to yourself and reasoning internally through pure and honest reflection. All of nature and the vast, open Universe have been conversing with you throughout your lifetime, I believe, and reflecting back the truth of your ever-unfolding, always transforming Being.  What you have survived becomes part of your sterling wisdom and has been forming and shaping who you are, and what you feel and sense become the words. Throughout life, your body has stored the emotional material in want of expression. Your poetry does exist inside you and is so powerful. It has the potency to transform. It has the ability to awaken you to new and authentic feelings. Poetry can become your guide and shining star, with you forever as companion.

Poetry can provide many elements of catharsis for us from our earnest reading and writing—and through it, we share and bare our most honest questions, reflections, stories, and experiences. Sudden moments, which thrusts us into the deepest part of our soul, exposing other parts we never even knew we held in silence. Like falling in love when it was least expected, or opening our heart and making room for another when it wasn’t convenient. Real moments. Like landing a job you’d been desperately praying for. Agonizing moments. Like hiding your feelings of guilt or regret, or betraying someone who trusted you. Moments of truth. Like saving another from danger, raising a child with little support—then watching that same child grow up to be loving and independent.  Or being thrown into the fire and learning who you really are in the heart of it all. It’s all there waiting to be expressed in words that evoke specific feelings only you can provide.

Yes, we are extraordinary worldly travelers who have encountered life-altering experiences and have visited profound places. We each have a unique tale which Poetry longs to accurately tell. We carry many poems and an astonishing story to weave into the ongoing cloth of The Human Existence. In this course, you can take your time and travel at your own pace. No one is there to rush you through your process or stifle your authentic feelings. No one is hovering above to shame your pain nor guilt you out of the reality of your honest feelings. No, not this time. This time is fully yours. Yours to build a bridge to all that’s been quietly aching to be crafted into prose or poem. Please join me on this exciting healing journey!

About Susan

Susan Frybort Susan Frybort is an American-born poet with a deep fascination for life and the human experience. Writing since she was a child, her poems and affirmations are a tapestry of wisdom and compassion that soften the heart’s edges, calling us home. Previously published in Elephant Journal, Vivid Life, and Women for One, she has published two inspiring books. Her first, the poetry collection Hope is a Traveler, was published in 2015 to rave reviews. ‘Hope’ engages the senses through imagery and metaphor. Her second book, Open Passages: Doors and Windows to the Soul, is a special collection of meditations and affirmations that offer soothing balm to the weary soul. Her third collection, Look to the Clearing, will be published in 2021. She lives in Canada with her husband, author Jeff Brown.

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