In this raw and inspiring audio-pod, Jeff Brown inspires us to listen in and to honour the little voice within us that knows the paths we are here to walk. This intuitive voice carries a karmic blueprint for our destiny and whispers its wisdom in our inner ear whenever we dare to walk a false path. It holds the awareness of our unique sacred purpose, and invites us to live our truth. It is the voice of our true-path.

What is your relationship to the little voice that knows? Is it far away, or is it close at hand? Do you hear a little voice whisper to you when you’re doing something that doesn’t feel true to path? Do you honour that voice, or do you postpone it? Do you bury it below an endless flurry of activity? Do you listen in?

This wonderful and clarified recording is helpful for anyone who is having a difficult time identifying their direction in any aspect of their life- relationship, career, path of purpose. For anyone who is overcome with truth-aches- indications that they are not living their truth. For anyone who has clarity as to path but needs a little push before they can own it. For anyone who wants to get out from under a bushel of shame, and believe in their right to a magnificent life. For anyone ready to genuinely live from their authenticity.

This audio-pod was so popular that Jeff had to increase his web-site capacity twice to accommodate the number of listens. It is very genuine, straight-forward and grounded. No hype, no pretense- just straightforward wisdom from a fellow path traveler who fought for his purpose amid a torrent of distractions, economic challenges and emotional issues. The beauty is that once you download it, you can listen to it time and time again, whenever you need a reminder that sacred purpose burns through you, whenever you need to be inspired to recognize and live your true-path.  

You must never lose faith in your brilliance, no matter what the world sends your way. Your unique soul-scriptures live at the heart of you, lying in wait for their opportunity to be humanifest. They may be covered in dust, they may be hidden from view, but they are still in there, sparkling with infinite possibility. So close..

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With Gratitude, Jeff Brown