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“I often refer to the dictionary at the end of Jeff Brown’s wonderful book, Soulshaping, to put new words to sacred experiences, fleeting understandings, and the bigger mysteries that seekers have been pondering throughout history. The words are like bridges between my little self and my vaster consciousness that is free from fear and open to peace.”

ELIZABETH LESSER, Author, BROKEN OPEN: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow. Cofounder, Omega Institute

“Soul Shaping does an EXCELLENT job of demonstrating how we can listen to and follow our soul’s guidance in the midst of life.”

RAM DASS, Spiritual Teacher, Best selling Author of BE HERE NOW, STILL HERE, COMPASSION IN ACTION etc.

“This is a book about one mans journey of awakening and healing, lit with epiphanies and hard-won psychospiritual savvy not just for himself, but for all of us. Jeff has faced his dragons, and has emerged from the flames not only with some significant treasure, but also with a soul-centered, refreshingly raw travelogue thats as readable as it is instructive. Not only is Soulshaping rivetingly personal, but it is also inspiringly universal. Jeffs gritty, ever-deepening odyssey is that of a vulnerable warrior, turning again and again toward his pain and entering it, regardless of the consequences. A brave book this is, a book that serves our own journey of awakening and healing, simply by being so unswervingly and nakedly human. This is not just another book about soul, but a book saturated WITH soul. Don’t just read it; plunge into it, letting it carry you to where you are broken enough to be whole, no longer separating body and soul.”

ROBERT AUGUSTUS MASTERS, Ph.D., Author of Spiritual Bypassing, Divine Dynamite, Transformation Through Intimacy & Meeting the Dragon

“This book is role call for the soul. Jeff Brown is the kind of writer that invites you to swim in gasoline and then provides a match. This is no self-help book. THIS IS A SUMMONS FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP AND FROM THE TRENCHES. I am so grateful for Jeff Brown’s journey, his absolute genius in writing, and the journey we are all on at this time.”

TAMA J. KIEVES, Best-Selling Author of THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love (How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!)

“Soulshaping is a beautiful story of one mans spiritual journey that reveals the inspiring, yet often humbling, path of growth and self-transformation. Jeff offers us a raw, honest and humorous glimpse into the exploration of self, while also imploring us to celebrate the opening of the heart and the awakening of the soul- no matter where we are directed, what is revealed, or who shows up. I highly recommend this book.”

SEANE CORN, International Yoga Instructor and Spiritual Activist

I just finished your book and absolutely LOVED it for so many, many reasons. I smiled throughout my reading of your book at the wonderful similarities—not so much in our journeys per se—but rather in the deeper understandings culled forth from them. I resonate very much not only with your uncoverings, but more importantly with what you hope to offer others because of them. Greater intimacy with our own soul will change our world…

I will be recommending your book to many as an honest account of interior excavation leading to conscious spirit-embodiment (my greatest passion). I simply adore the SOUL and your book will help many befriend and ultimately adore their own. Through your journey, you move the reader in and out of the woods, so to speak, showing that enlightenment is a continuous journey where moments of illumination, JOY, and peace gradually become more and more frequent and long-lasting. I could go on and on, but instead will simply say THANK YOU for a magnificent book that deeply touched my heart and soul. It felt like a coming home of sorts for me and for that I am extremely grateful…

ANNIE BURNSIDE,  Author of ‘Soul to Soul Parenting’

“If you don’t have a gut reaction to this book, then you may be dead! My heart completely opened up as I felt each page come alive with emotion. It’s a must read book for anyone on a spiritual path as we identify and discover our powerful and majestic self.”

JEWELS JOHNSON, Host of Law of Attraction Talk Radio

“Jeff Brown takes us on an intimate, compelling, enlivening and often quite humorous set of adventures with many of today’s leading consciousness teachers on his journey to uncovering the deep truths that live at the heart of all spiritual paths.”

ROBERT GASS, Ed.D. Workshop Leader, Spiritual Activist, Composer, Performer and Recording Artist

“Jeff Brown takes the reader on a journey seeking to find his inner self. It is a search for self fulfillment, a field guide for life and a quest for the meaning of life.”

EDDIE GREENSPAN, Q.C. Famous Canadian Criminal Lawyer, Earnest defender of the Presumption of Innocence.

“Spiritual erotica! Jeff lays down his soul on these pages for us to see ourselves. In so doing, he demonstrates a rare vulnerability, a wicked sense of humor and a deeply personal insight into the human condition.”

KATHRYN BEET, Master Practitioner and Owner of Yoga Space (Toronto)

“Brown’s story is an emotionally raw, no-holds-barred account of life in the trenches along the spiritual path, and a guide to moving from survivalist behaviors and attitudes to living in tune with one’s higher purpose in the midst of the madness of modern life.”

ForeWord Reviews

“Offering much food for thought as [Jeff Brown] tells a story that many readers will find relation to when coming to terms with their own soul and their spirituality, Soulshaping is a heartily recommended read.”

The Midwest Book Review

“Any man who can share his feelings on a level this profound is more than an inspiration, his voice echoes and reechoes like waves breaking on the shore. Through verdant prose Jeff, the wordsmith, leads us to authenticity through ‘the challenge of actualizing a soulful calling in a harsh landscape.’… Like a touchstone I will return to Soulshaping as I continue to weave my own web of soul-shaping.”

Mari Selby, “Food for Thought”

“Soulshaping is Jeff Brown’s story, his journal as he chases his destiny. It is a clumsy and personal journey. I’ll skim Eckart Tolle in the Common Ground and bits of Deepak Chopra books that people have on their shelf. But I can’t buy them for the same reason I can’t hang out with my old Judo Sensei for too long; they are coaching all the time. This book is different. It is vulnerable, authentic and magical. It has made me listen inwardly and have courage to face my dreams again. It is one of those books that makes you believe you’re here for a reason. I think we all need one of these to have in our hearts and readily available to pass on to friends or acquaintances when they need them.”

Reviewed by Luigi Bianco, Pacific Rim Review of Books

“Through Brown’s passionate storytelling and insights, gleaned from his life journey, three powerful points emerge… The essence of life is that it is all a soul’s journey. The heart of the soul’s journey is to have a profound faith in the human experience. The process of realizing our soul’s calling is to feel our feelings fully until we discover what we need to learn. [Soulshaping] is a very inspiring book, and I recommend it both for people searching for hope and guidance in order to find meaning in their lives, and for those who have found meaning and would appreciate revisiting their journey.”

AHP Perspective

“This is a good book for anyone who has heard a little voice (or voices) about another way of life.”

“Both as therapist, and as a human being, I cannot too highly recommend Jeff Brown’s Soulshaping. This is a must read for anyone wanting to move beyond the profound emotional blocks of early wounding, and gradually, very gradually begin to awaken to increasing levels of self-acceptance through the wisdom and the tenderness of their own essence. But this is no easy journey! Through his school of “heart knocks”, and with astonishing emotional authenticity, Jeff implores us to embrace and fully “excavate” our Shadow, the seeming darkness within. Only by fully honoring all aspects of our journey (every wound, every person, every trauma) can we begin to accept and eventually honor all of who we are. As we slowly put the pieces of the puzzle of our life together, we begin to see the patterns, the symmetry and the spiritual beauty of it all. Do yourself a favor and pick up this exceptional book!”

JOHN POLLARD, MA, Spiritual Director and Psychotherapist

“A roller-coaster ride through the most fundamental issues that face each of us on our soul-shaping journeys. Beautifully written and gripping to read, its specifics illuminate the story in which we all share.”

PHILIP SHEPHERD, author of ‘New Self, New World’

“I am HERE and read and read, Jeff, and it is so dizzying and present, I need to place it somewhere, look at it, welcome it formally…throw it a chair…all to say…it’s something magnificent.”

OLIVER KINGHORN, Painter, Illustrator, Writer, Teacher, Kyoto Cricket Club Captain.

“Jeff Brown’s Soul Shaping was the most valuable, engaging and hard to put down book I read this year. This book goes way beyond the rote of ‘how to’ presented in so many spiritual books and offers a sincere and true life story of what it is really like to journey into the inner world of self-creation and listen, truly listen to that tiny voice inside. Jeff Brown is the real deal and he shows with heartfelt honesty that there is no ‘arrived’ when it comes to the quest of the spirit. Thank you Jeff.”

DR. MELISSA WEST, International Radio Show Host with Contact Talk Radio (

“If I were to use “words” to describe my inner most feeling after reading “SOULSHAPING,” I would use two: True Inspiration. I believe this book will be used as somewhat of a “bible” to those who truly need a guide for their journey. Your life’s journey will truly inspire those who have started, and then stopped…those who have a knowing, but don’t know where to begin…those who have despised their life, due to some traumatic experience, at some point in time, and realize by reading this book, THEY can go on! You will be a guide to many, an inspiration, a Creation…of a better world to live in. TEN stars for you, my dear man! I will highly recommend your guidance to all! EVEN the “strangers” that come to me, on their quest of answers, while “spinning.”


“Soulshaping is a direct expression of a powerful individual radiating their inner divine strength, while fully revealing wholeheartedly the human side of his earthly undertakings, allowing readers to uniquely capture meaningful wisdom, inspiration, a renewed sense of empowerment, and hope! Jeff is a true pioneer with his endless dedication, commitment, and balanced expression that promotes authenticity and long-lived self-transformation. Cheers to you Jeff for your powerful service to humanity, I am deeply humbled to support your life mission!!”

DULCINEA, Executive Producer of Evolution Revolution and Voices of Change

“Jeff’s inspirational journey pulls the reader in, until she has nowhere else to go but HERE. Deeply engaging, the eloquence of his language, the rawness of his honesty, leave you gasping for truth. Jeff’s truth reminds us of our own, and he shows us how to live a life that is deeply lived, with all its warts, wrinkles, laughter, and bliss. This ain’t no typical self-help book. This one stands alone!”

DEANNA VILLA, Master Practitioner & Teacher, Thai Massage Toronto

“Tired of another by-the-numbers guide to spirituality? Soulshaping is the real deal, a gritty look at the reality of fully inhabiting your life. It may be the only soul-help book I have read that brings spirituality and psychology together in a grounded framework. I love the way Jeff shows us how to shed our emotional debris and ego armor, while at the same time transforming all of it into the lessons we need. Nothing gets lost or misplaced- everything is grist for the soul mill! Soulshaping represents the next step in the spiritual transformation of western culture, a perfect blend of Eastern Mysticism and Emotional Healing. Brilliant and perfectly down to earth at the same time.”

ZEYDL HEMREND, Lawyer and Film Producer

“Jeff has gifted us all an opportunity, a soul travel guide that bares illuminating and captivating resonance of our earthly, soulful journey, from the soles of our feet to our true path. (right from where we stand) Instead of soul searching, Jeff invites the soul in for the earthly dance – And the experience is one of an upheaval of gripping nakedness of the truths we seldom are willing to reveal along the way. The result..authenticity of being. He invites us to ‘bring it on’ and be present to what’s really there behind the veils. This book is REAL! Never before, have I read a book eagerly anticipating the next page…not because of a mystery unfolding, but because I wanted to see if Jeff had my story right. Penetrating and revealing resonance. He invited me to personally invite the Universe to ‘Bring it on’! Jeff’s book uncovers the soul scriptures layered beneath our earthly lives. An alluring and riveting journey from soul chasing to ‘soulshaping’. No ‘place’ to go..we’re already here. A definitive cure for soul-dysplasia. Woven in the threads of his own life’s tapestry, Jeff uncovers and discovers his soul’s innate image, intricately connected through the living of his earthly life. For those on their soul journeys, this book will no doubt reveal a different vantage point to help one find their way. Extraordinary! As a sculptor shapes his clay on the wheel, Jeff shapes his soul from the wheel of his life.”

SUSIE-BONHAM CRAIG, Spiritual Psychologist and Author and Host of Wisdom Wide Open Radio

“A raw experience of personal growth in the midst of first world distractions and addictions. Told with a painfully hilarious and playful wit, Jeffrey Brown sums up the awakened human experience of ‘soul emergence’ in an authentic and profound simplicity. Anyone who is on the uphill climb to self realization through the compost of suffering can relate to this book.”

MIRI CHAMDI, author of Dragonfly on the Rocks 

“Jeff goes through the jungle with a machete and everyone that comes after him has a pathway.”

JACKLYN FELDMAN, Spiritual Minister.

“Soulshaping is one man’s candid story of his own journey back to truth and self-knowledge that offers not only an invitation to re-connect with your own Authentic Self but provides a great example of how to get there. Insightful and often funny, the time to read the book is time well spent.”

TANYA ROAD, Family Lawyer

“What an amazing undertaking and gift to us. I identified so closely with the life experiences and ever-progressing soul-levels Jeff described. The writing style is so vital and immensely entertaining with a real talent for “elasticizing” words. I especially love the poetry channeled from deep within. Don’t ever paint your walls. I’m eagerly spreading the word about this very special book. Thanks again and God bless.”


“Jeff’s book made me cry twice, briefly, from my inner core. This emotional reaction felt like a short, sharp purge or prod rather than romanticized empathy. The catharsis was not a subtle inner shift as you get with some books, but more a release of the last dregs of some emotions I thought I had cleared out. A book is a tool and the quality of this tool is emetic! Better out than in! It’s more medicinal than therapeutic….gets right in there. Through ‘celling his soul’ I celled mine.”

SHARON SEPHTON, Mother, Writer & Holistic Practitioner

“Fading through a six month dark night, Soulshaping opened my eyes and my soul to make me realize that it is okay to go inward with a fight. Searching for answers until we find inner freedom is not just a fable, but an essential quest.”


“Soulshaping is one of the books I have enjoyed most in my life, riveted to the page, most books I read only parts and NEVER read a WHOLE book, this book I could not let alone. It was a landmark in my life.”

TAYLOR JANE GREEN, Spiritual Psychotherapist and Soul Coach

“I was reading a New York Times Bestseller when I was given Soulshaping. I gave up the other book because Soulshaping captured my heart, instantly. I love the book. It caused me to laugh, hold my breath, and re-read many passages. What courage. Jeffs story gave me courage. It really was the perfect gift to end one year and start another.”

YVONNE OSONDU, Yoga Teacher and Shiatsu Therapist

“Soulshaping is a heart-full exploration of what it means to be grounded and rooted in the earth as the wildly wonderful spirit beings we are.”

MONTE GAGNE, DansKinetics instructor

“In the midst of the chaos in this world, Soulshaping offered something in my life that I sought and could not find. The first chapter captivated me and once I began I could not put it down until I read the final word. Many books offer insight and guidance, Soulshaping offers life, for it brings the questions of the soul into the human experience instead of segregating the parts of us that are so intertwined. In the first few chapters I saw clearly the parallel between Jeff’s journey and my own, and a realization became very clear- we all embark upon the same quest. In that realization I felt a kinship with a fellow traveler in a far away land that is far greater than words are capable of expressing.”

FAITH DAVIS, Mother above all else, Executive Management, Songwriter, Fellow traveler

“This sunday morning I read the last page in your beautiful book…I am still feeling it and in the end my tears were flowing …I am watery emotions…I know this book will be my partner to speak with in the future. It is, of course, in a different language from mine but the soul in the book talked more to me than the words so I just enjoyed to take it in. I have given the universe thanks for connecting me with you and myself for ordering this book and reading it….it was so right and at the perfect moment…I have been going through a ‘long’ self-healing time and the book has followed me on that way……”

FJOLA RUT RUNARSDOTTIR, Holistic Massage therapist, Iceland

“Hi Jeff! Just wanted to pop in and tell you again how much I enjoy your book. It is in my purse – with me always. Even if I only have a few seconds of quiet time at the coffee shop in the morning or a moment here and there, I take it out and read it. I feel like its my constant companion these days!! A very nice companion to have… Thank you for the hard work you did to share your story with us all… is amazing and it has touched my soul.”


“I knew before I got Soulshaping in the post that it was going to be meaningful, but it touched me more than I expected as it speaks straight to the heart. Jeff has opened himself up and taken us with him on a journey to recover and fill out the shape of his soul. His story honestly, lovingly and humorously reveals the ups and downs of the journey to reunite with our true nature, and for that it’s deeply comforting. It is difficult to put into words actually. It felt so intimate, somehow. I have read it three times. Thank you Jeff.. I can’t wait for the next leg of the journey. I’ll be there at every turn.”


“I stayed up late both nights cause I could not put it down. Brilliant writing and courage beyond words to share what you shared and awesome insights. Reading your book these last couple of days has felt like an anchor and also an huge inspiration to share my own journey with others as you have.”

ROSS McKENZIE, Soul Adventurer

“Finished it tonight. During the last couple or three chapters, I felt surrounded by my guides, angels, whoever – I’m not totally tuned into all that yet, but the love was palpable. From a male perspective, Jeff artfully described that the warrior is cool to have around after we are in surrender. I see the warrior as a necessary thing as well, mostly due to the current state of the collective consciousness as Jeff says in the book. But the peeling must happen. Thanks for so clearly following your path and writing the book. It was very encouraging, inspiring, and grounding at the same time. Not many writers in this genre do what you’ve done. Someone once told me “The more personal you make it, the more widely-applicable it will be”. Though an autobiography, it wasn’t in the least narcissistic. It helped me to clarify what I need to clarify.”