In this entrancing collection, author Jeff Brown shares more of his profound quotes and musings with us. Words written on walls—in his home, in back-alleys, on Facebook—come vibrantly to life in this poignant offering. Building on the popularity of his first two quotes books—Love it Forward and Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground—Brown takes it to the next level in this collection, cutting straight to the heart of the matter with wisdoms that both energize and uplift. This book is alive! In a style uniquely his own, Brown invites readers in the direction of their own transformation. They are invited, and they are supported as they endeavor to find meaning on their life’s journey. Spiritual Graffiti is a lighthouse of possibility, one that both celebrates our perfectly imperfect humanness and reminds us that there is hope at every turn. As an added bonus, Jeff has included more of the inspirations he wrote for ABC’S ‘Good Morning America’, and his popular healing blog ‘Apologies to the Battered Child’. This book is a beautiful gift for anyone who is seeking a deeper and more authentic life.


“Spiritual Graffiti sizzles with courage. With a fearless pen, Jeff Brown inscribes his unique wisdom in practical, succinct, and heart-centered language that sagaciously calls out the negligence of today’s New Age movement and walks us boldly to our highest callings.”
—Susan Frybort, author of Hope is a Traveler and Open Passages (

“This book is a magnificent exhale for the soul. Many sincere seekers become bamboozled by spiritual teachers who suggest that we ignore our feelings, numb our bodies, and violate our intuition in the name of enlightenment. But Jeff Brown humbly offers an alternative, even rebellious, viewpoint. With exquisite sensitivity and compassion, he acknowledges that we can’t wake up without grounding our self-realization into our feeling, sensing human bodies. I am a voracious student of spiritual teaching, but Jeff Brown is a spiritual teacher I truly trust, marrying incisive, almost surgical truth with supreme kindness in a way that enlivens your spirit and makes you feel your heart. He is like a scalpel with a spoonful of sugar.”
—Lissa Rankin, NY Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine

“Unabashedly written from his heart and guts, Jeff Brown’s Spiritual Graffiti is a brave, bold, and very real offering of what it means to be human. Filled with raw truth, inspiration and plenty of insights into the path of awakening, this book is sure to serve those well who read it.”
—Chris Grosso, author of Indie Spiritualist and Everything Mind

“Jeff Brown’s words are the much needed love-splattered slap to our wearied New Age-filled heads. In Spiritual Graffiti we get a glimpse into the way that light and positivity alone will never reveal to us the mystery of both our humanity and our Godhood. Through his decades of deep personal inquiry, Jeff reveals his painful and potent intimacy with his own darkness as a pathway to revelation. Spiritual Graffiti is a deep-dive into the soul of one man, and yet a mirror for all who find themselves on the journey towards “enREALment.” I’m a forever fan.”
—Katie Silcox, spiritual teacher and NY Times bestselling author of Healthy, Happy, SexyAyurveda Wisdom for Modern Women.

“Spiritual Graffiti sprays us with a rebel call to deeper love. Jeffrey Brown’s words masterfully woke me up, pissed me off, and then openly seduced me back into my own heart. He invites us to drop the pretense, befriend our shadow and find God-Goddess in the very earth under our fingernails. This little book offers a banquet of soul nourishment and tangible guidance on how to be more alive in walking our own truth.  The messiness of life and love makes a little more sense looking through this sacred lens. Bravo.”
—Lisa Schrader, Author, Coach and Founder of