CALLING! All Souldiers of Sacred Purpose!

We need you.
Yes, YOU—the one who is reading these words.
We need your unique blueprint, your one-of-a-kind gifts.
We need your nuanced personality—your fiery hunger for truth, for a better world.

This is a Call To Action.

A call to authenticity. A call to fully and unapologetically embrace your innate magnificence; your luminous bounty of remarkable gifts and abilities; and your full-spectrum of messy stumbling work-in-process humanness.

A call to step into the path of sacred purpose living inside your bones, waiting to be recognized and actualized.

This is a call to join hands, to create the next-step world.

We need each and every one of you.

Together, we can craft a more heartfelt, humane, and integrated world.

Together, we can co-create consciousness paradigms that reflect a more connective way of being, and that celebrate an intuitive and empathic way of relating.

We can co-create and support spiritual models and techniques that take us into an inclusive consciousness—that encompass every aspect of our imperfect humanness in our awakening, from the mystical to the mundane.

We can co-create and advocate for models that not only speak to the individual stages of awakening, but that also focus on what happens between us—in the connective field.

We can honor the healing of our stories as fundamental to our spiritual development. We can honor and revere the role that emotional healing plays in transformation. We can become embodied humans healing together, communing and exploring the relational field as the grist for our spiritual development.

We can co-create models and maps that lead us back into our hearts, into a deep and reverential regard for the self. If we don’t humanize our spirituality, how will we humanize our world?

When we realize that we are not connected in theory—but connected in FACT, then we are inspired to take action, in every sphere of society: to craft structures, systems, and laws that honor, encourage, and connect us.

With these intentions, no one gets left behind, and every human gets an opportunity to participate and improve their life conditions. Inclusivity—within and between us—is a way of being where every one of us matters. Every struggle. Every wound. Every dream. All sacred. And when we believe that the plight of the self matters, we cannot help but work together to grow our humanity forward.

Don’t for one moment imagine yourself insignificant or not essential. We need your spirit, your authenticity, your intuition, your capacity for connection, your personally nuanced expression. We need your re-embodiment, your devotion, your reverence for sacred purpose. We need your passion, your bravery, your determination. We need your tender, quiet, subtle listening. We need your ferociousness—because it is only the fires of our conviction that can save our species from its own trappings.

Some spiritual paths emphasize: “Don’t just do something, sit there.” Let’s try the opposite: Don’t just sit there, DO something. It’s one thing to pray, meditate, dream, and visualize the sacred possibilities for our planet—it’s quite another to ground our expansive intentions in lived action. Let’s get our hands in the dirt and actually make it happen.

Let’s change the world today. You got anything better to do?

Does this sound like a lofty vision? Think of each one of us as a single thread … and, stitch by stitch, we contribute to knitting the new world tapestry. The wholly holy.

If you don’t have a clear vision of what steps to take, don’t let that stop you.
Listen within. Follow the tiniest thread, inkling, or nudge.
Start with the little things. The little things are actually big things in disguise.

Here’s some suggestions to get you started:


Advocate for something or someone.


Be a lighthouse for those who have lost their way.


Be a compassionate presence for those who have been treated unjustly.


Be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.


Look closely at what is still unfair in this world and speak it.


Stand up for what you know to be right, and true.


Advocate for every human being across the spectrum, and not just those who share your lineage, or race, or religion.


Lend a helping hand to someone on the outskirts of society—welcome them back into the fold, if only for a moment.


Light the flame of someone who is down and out.


Say hello to someone different than you. Ask the man in the turban a question about his religion. Sit down and talk to the homeless person. Be curious. Learn from one another. Build bridges.


Invite our legal system to be more inclusive and attuned to the very specific circumstances that befall a broad range of people from all walks of life.


Endeavor to make our medical system more heartfelt and wholistic.


Try to tear down the walls of artifice that frame our marketing structures, and create new paradigms for economic exchange.


Encourage a reverential regard for this magnificent planet and eco-system, that is in our care.


Invite awakening men to rise up defiantly and stand down those men still locked inside patriarchal and sexist ways of being. It should not be women’s work, alone, to shift patriarchal paradigms—men must boldly rally for their female counterparts.


Develop conscious media that uses its power to elevate rather than to alarm humanity. Move us from a culture rooted in dissociative survivalism to one rooted in wholesome integration and authenticity.


Do all you can to normalize vulnerable self-revealing and compassionate interface, everywhere. Do your bit to enhearten this armored world.


Love it forward! Commit to one small unexpected act of kindness each day. Trust that tiny flame will grow into a raging wildfire. Know that with each act—the Kindness Train is running full steam ahead.

Let’s be sacred advocates for each other. Revolutionaries for a common cause: our shared humanity.

So give it, my friend. All of it, wherever you can. Gift others with the sacred purpose that is encoded within you, coursing through your veins. Gift them with the gift that you are. But don’t imagine that you are doing it for them alone. When we serve others, we are also serving ourselves. It’s not an unselfish act of giving. It’s reciprocal. By receiving our gift, they are also gifting us back. They are giving us an opportunity to embody and actualize all that we are. They are loving us forward, too. We rise in unison, or not at all.

We are pioneers, we are. Pioneers of possibility. Pioneers of truth. We are laying down new tracks without a single footprint to follow. The next generations will be ever grateful for these giant steps. Let’s give ourselves a bow.

And then, get back to work…