– Befriending Confusion Audio Download (40min)

In this depth-full and encouraging audio-pod, Jeff Brown inspires us to have to have faith in our own confusion. Although uncomfortable at times, it is actually a sign of our own transformation. As old ways of being die off, new ways of being invariably come to life. Before the transition is complete, there is a time, sometimes a long time, when all of these parts are pushing up against you at the same time, each of them with their own ideas of what path you should take. The bridge from one side to the other is confusion. You have to learn how to hold the space for all of your parts and befriend your confusion, until clarity emerges on its own terms. Flake it till you make it!

Befriend your confusion. Don’t be fooled by its chaotic appearance—confusion is a sign that your soul is in transition. Welcome it as a friend that has come from far away to bring you home. Be open to it. Keep it close.

One of the mistakes many of us make is turning back from our confusion before it has an opportunity to invoke change. In this talk, Jeff encourages us to have faith in the processes of change, and suggests ways that we can actually work with and through our confusion until its wisdom is revealed. In a survival-oriented world, we are conditioned to push confusion away and stay in our focus. But this approach is inconsistent with the nature of expansion, which necessarily demands stages of confusion as part of the processes of change. Sometimes we outgrow relationships as we expand, sometimes we grow tired of career paths that don’t reflect our authenticity. When we deny this, we suffer. When we surrender to it and learn the lesson at the heart of our frustration, we move to the next stage on our journey home. 

If there is anything to get used to on this path, it’s repetition of pattern. The fall back to habitual ways is a natural part of the journey home. Tempting as it is to beat ourselves up when we fall back to old patterns, the truth is that this is the nature of the expansion process. Growers are inch worms- it takes real time to make real change. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back, is still progress…

This audio-pod will help to put your confusion into perspective. It will give you some ideas on how to move through it. It will contextualize it as part of your journey to sacred purpose. It will remind you that you are not alone. It will invite you to befriend your confusion so that it can give you the gift at its heart. 

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With Gratitude, Jeff Brown