Apologies to the Divine Feminine Download

(Jeff reads it to beautiful music)

On September 20, 2010, Jeff wrote a blog called ‘Apologies to the Divine Feminine (From a warrior in transition)’ that immediately went viral on Facebook and beyond.


The writing of this piece came through him quickly, a profound combination of lived experience and channeled wisdom that was determined to be expressed. This personal and universal piece continues to reverberate as it touches the heartstrings of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. What is magical about the piece is that it both acknowledges the suffering that women have endured at the hands of the malevolent masculine, and helps to provide context for the misbehaviour.

In the following 11 minute studio recording, Jeff reads the full Apologies to music- music that deepens the experience of the words themselves. It is beautiful calling out to the divine feminine- one that offers both apologies and great hope.

You have two options with the download- you are welcome to download it for free- simply put 0 in the price field and a link will be sent your way. Or help us to support our focus cause- Selah freedom (www.selahfreedom.com)- by paying any amount you choose for the download. A percentage of all donated goes directly to the cause.

Selah Freedom’s mission is to bring awareness to the issue of sex trafficking and to provide a safe place for survivors to heal. They help sexually exploited individuals find their voice and purpose and to reclaim all that was stolen from them through their victimization. They are doing beautiful work in the world.

Download Jeff reading the Apologies to the Divine Feminine with beautiful background music here.

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Thank you, Jeff Brown