Throughout my mainstream education, I often wondered when my real education would begin. They taught me geography, when it was my inner geography that concerned me. They taught me Canadian history, but nothing about karmic lineage. They taught me foreign languages, but we spent no time on the language that mattered most- the language of the heart. By the time I graduated from University, I had 3 degrees and no idea who I was. Whatever tools I had acquired seemed ill-equipped to deal with the fundamental questions of meaning, purpose, how to construct a heartfelt life.

As I look back on my life, I realized that my real education happened from the inside out. While diligently attending the School of Heart Knocks (the school of life), I somehow stumbled upon a clarified vision of path. Interestingly, my purpose did not reveal itself in the head-tripping caverns of academia, nor did it arise through my egoic forays into career as identity. It rose into awareness through the gateway to my heart, a vision of possibility that was encoded in my cells from time immemorial, an unstoppable wave of purpose that was indistinguishable from my authentic self. Excavating it from the burial ground within demanded a multitude of stages, stages that seemed to exist entirely distinct from my university curriculum. In my private life, in my apartment, in my difficult relationships, in workshops and therapy, in those quiet moments when we inwardly decide how deep we will dig, this is where I learned what I needed to know. The real school, the true core-iculum….lived in my own bones and in the heart of daily life.

As I embarked on my journey, I began to imagine the courses that I longed to attend on my journey of self-creation: Befriending Confusion, Clearing Emotional Debris, Living in the Question, Having an effective nervous breakthrough, Identifying and Honouring Sacred Purpose, Conscious Relationship, Self-distractive behaviour, Truth Aches and Sacred Grumbles, The art of Enrealment, Bypassing the Spiritual Bypass, Truth telling, De-shaming and De-masking, In-viromentalism, Ascending with both feet on the ground, Finding your soulpod etc. There was no limit to things I needed help with, and no limit to the challenges I experienced in finding the support I needed. It was almost as though the whole world was deciding who it was based on the principles of survivalism- adapting its consciousness to whatever got food on the table- and I was actually wanting to know who I really was, who lived below the masks and personas of daily life, what path best reflected my inherent divinity. Of course many had quested for their authenticity before, but I didn’t know where to find them, or, perhaps, I was too unsure of my quest to share its contours and textures with confidence.

Throughout the writing of Soulshaping, I had a vision of a Soulshaping Institute, one that would dare to inquire into the core questions of path without hesitation. In recent months, that longing grew stronger, as I became more deeply aware of the value of this work. In the heart of a burgeoning consciousness revolution, there is a greater willingness to tackle these fundamental questions of path- Who am I, really? What is my encoded purpose? Why am I here in this incarnation? How can I stop avoiding true-path?

With this in heart, I have opened Soulshaping Institute, an in-credited institution of truer learning. This is not a place you come to get a meaning-less degree, or to get graded for your efforts. No one can grade your relationship to path, because only soul knows the path it is here to walk. You are the only one who can know whether you are walking your unique true-path. Soulshaping I will endeavour to support your path and process, reminding you of steps you may have forgotten, encouraging you towards the path that is encoded within you, inviting a dialogue that takes you deeper into the realm of your own divine possibilities.
The first course- Excavating and Honouring Sacred Purpose- begins June 26/2011. Here is the link, in case you are interested in checking it out.…Soulshaping Institute . Other courses will follow, as the core-iculum takes shape… Apologies to the Divine Feminine (Bridging the Gender Gap), Adventures in Soulshaping (Depth Charges and Excavations), Cell your Soul- Interpreting the Emotional Body, Relationship as path, The Power of Then- healing the past and expanding our habitual range of e-motion, the Universal Broadcasting system- The real Learning Channel (interpreting serendipity) etc. It is my hope that we will work deeply, exploring the crevices, plumbing the depths, truly calling ourselves on any resistance to true-path. In many ways, it is a little safer to be a seeker than a finder. I want us all to find what we are looking for, to find an authenticity of purpose that ignites our spirit and buffers us from the madness of the world. To wake up every morning knowing what we are here to learn, share and humanifest. To wake up purposeful and at peace with path.

In addition, I am working to develop a scholarship program so that individuals who are economically challenged can participate. It is an odd and ironic thing that until we find our sacred purpose, it is often difficult for us to flourish economically, but it is difficult to explore and identify our path when we cannot afford to study and explore pathways of possibility. It is often those with a profound path living inside of them who are having the most difficulty dealing with the economic world, because they cannot adapt to the inauthentic nature of the marketplace. I am endeavouring to create a structure that will be inclusive of all of humanity.

My assistant, Tarini, made a beautiful, 90 second video to introduce Soulshaping Institute to all of you. Please take a look if you get a moment.. Youtube.

In gratitude, Jeff Brown