Wisdom– There is an interface between individual and universal consciousness. Let’s call it the ‘soulular phone’*. Too many of us have not been able to recognize this connection because of the circumstances of our lives. Under the right circumstances, positive thinking & positive energy can directly impact this relationship, and our calls for greater abundance may be met with open ears. The fact that so many people are willing to embrace this perspective suggests that some measure of optimism is beginning to creep into our inner landscapes. That we are even open to the idea of a benevolent listener, a Law of (Positive) Attraction, manifestation itself…is a positive sign. We are becoming more faith-driven, more hope-full, more open…

Perils– All too often, the positive thinking movement becomes a bypass of reality, a skimming of the surface of our inner lives. Too many have followed this approach to transformation and lost their way, making major life changes without the foundation to support them. The universe responds to authentic transformation- nothing feigned will do. If our positive thinking is incongruent with our emotional reality, if we have not done the real work to ready ourselves for humanifestation, then our wishes will fall on deaf ears, falling to the bottom of the fountain with the rest of the pennies. We need to get our emotional world consistent with our "positive thinking" in order for our requests and visualizations to be taken seriously by the “Universal Broadcasting System”*. If we are all blocked up with pain and anger, our "positive thoughts" will not be authentically sourced and organically positive. The more emotionally unresolved we are, the denser the message we transmit. Even if we get what we ask for, it may not come with the positive outcome we imagine (i.e. the guy who asks for a Rolls Royce, and then drives it into a hydro pole because what he really needed was to wake the f*#k up).

Grounded Perspective– There is a relationship between positive energy and humanifestation. The key to fortifying that link is to work through our barriers to positivity. Just thinking in another way is not enough for most of us. Instead, we do the painstaking inner work to clear our emotional debris and to learn the lessons that will ready us for our ultimate path. The clearer and more unified the inner channel, the more effective we are at humanifesting our callings and dreams. The real secret to humanifestation is being true to your soulshape, whatever that means to you. Abundance is simply that- the path we are each here to walk. When you make a request of the universe, be sure that your feelings, thoughts and spirit are truly aligned. Be sure to know who is doing the asking (who am I, really?) and make the request when you are truly ready to receive it. One important thing is ensuring that we align our requests with what we actually need on our Soulshaping journeys. Not what we “think” we need, but what we genuinely need to expand in our spirituality. The universe- the listening ear- knows the difference.


Wisdom– Frequently advocated by the new age movement, “The forgiveness mantra” wisely reminds us of the value of forgiveness. When we are able to forgive things that have happened to us, we are able to live more freely in our daily lives. Toxic emotions can do tremendous damage to us in every area of our life. And we can potentially transform our consciousness by moving through the emotions that lead to forgiveness. In the heart of the process may be key lessons that need to be learned, and shifts in our way of understanding reality.

Perils– The ungrounded spirituality movement often encourages people to forgive independent of organic emotional processes, as though forgiveness is merely a thought, or a concept. Some even go so far as to suggest that you must always heal the connection directly with the wrongdoers, and remain connected to them. The “forgiveness bypass”* (the tendency to avoid unresolved emotions by feigning forgiveness) is a self-distractive path that can lead to all manner of internal and relational distortion- internal splitting and confusion, passive aggressive behaviour, the toxic impact of unresolved emotions. The truth is that we cannot will ourselves into forgiveness. If we try to forgive before we have moved the feelings, inauthenticity blocks our path. We cannot be in the real, because we are not emotionally real. Our cells are still back there.

Grounded Perspective– Attempt forgiveness wherever possible, but not in a way that is unreal and premature. The challenge is to ensure that the forgiveness is authentic, and not a concept that we impose on our felt experience. Authentic forgiveness requires a genuine working through of the emotions and memories related to our experiences. If there is a chance of truly letting go, we must first see the processes of healing all the way through to their completion. At that stage, forgiveness may organically arise. In some cases, it will not. And that is perfectly fine. The most important thing is to be true to our own experience.


Wisdom: This perspective can be particularly helpful to those of us who have a tendency to see the glass as half empty or those going through a particularly difficult time. Sometimes it is all good, and we cannot see it because our consciousness is too burdened and/or we are too lodged in our own experience of victimhood. And sometimes an experience reveals its benefits much later in time, or becomes more obvious as our understanding of the relationship between challenges and expansion gets more refined. If we learn to stay in the fire long enough, we will often find the needle of goodness in the heart of the karmic haystack.

Perils: Intrinsic to this perspective is the idea that the universe is always pulling the strings, intending every act for our ultimate good. Although this view can feel very comforting, I have my doubts about this. Sometimes it is not all good. Sometimes it is just plain bad. In the wrong context, the happiness bypass can detach us from our authentic emotional experience and float us down de-nial river, where we drown in our unshed tears. Even if there is a beautiful lesson at the end of our process, we may not recognize unless we can really feel into the tragic elements of the event(s). Shallow-dippers and bliss-trippers love the “All Good” Mantra because it feels momentarily pleasurable and allow them to bypass some of life’s challenges. But..

Grounded Perspective: Sometimes its all good. Sometimes its all bad. Sometimes its somewhere in between. Because the collective unconsciousness is still at a stage where its awakened by harshness, Its easy to make the assumption that every tragedy was Gods will. It isn’t. Sometimes people are just acting out their malevolence and manifesting their disconnect from true-path. Sometimes acts are just tragic errors in judgment. We may be so shocked by it that our armored hearts open, but that doesn’t mean they are acts intended by the universe for our highest good (if every tragedy is ‘all good’, why develop laws that protect humanity from insane behaviour?). There is necessary suffering, and there is also needless suffering. As we become more acquainted with our inner lives, we get better at making the distinction.

© Jeff Brown, Author of SOULSHAPING: A JOURNEY OF SELF-CREATION (www.soulshaping.com)

Those terms marked with an * are taken from the Soulshaping Dictionary at the end of ‘Soulshaping’.