I had listened to all kinds of perspectives on "The Secret" before watching it for the first time. It was "brilliant", "simplistic", "marketing hype" etc.. I even had my own opinions.

Then, finally, I watched it. And, at first, I disliked it. It seemed so naive. 'Think it and you will attract it…', 'Change your feelings by thinking of something positive', 'Visualize it and its yours…'. It just doesn't work that way for most of us on this planet at this stage of human consciousness.

But then I sat back from it, and tried to see it through a broader lens. Human beings have known tremendous suffering and chaos. Many of our realities have been controlled by desperate circumstances and overwhelming odds. For many of us there has been very little evidence of a benevolent universe.

The fact that so many people are willing to embrace "The Secret" suggests to me that some measure of optimism is beginning to creep into our inner landscapes. That we are even open to the idea of a benevolent listener, a Law of (Positive) Attraction, manifestation itself…is a positive sign. We are becoming more faith-driven, more hope-full, more open…

The key is to take the principles inherent in "The Secret" to the next level and broaden our lens.

The first thing that comes to mind is emotional authenticity. I would suggest that we need to get our emotional world consistent with our "positive thinking" in order for our requests and visualizations to be taken seriously by the "Universal Broadcasting System." If we are all blocked up with pain and anger, our "positive thoughts" will not be authentically sourced and organically positive. The more emotionally unresolved we are, the denser the message we transmit. The trick is to clear ourselves out from the inside first (inside-out) so that when we make a request it is emanating from a clear and unified channel. Then it might carry more weight…then it might fall on open ears…

It has been my experience that we attract exactly what we need to accelerate our journey, no matter what we ask for. The UBS responds to 'wish-full thinking' only when what we ask for is congruent with what we actually need on a spiritual level. So if I ask for a Rolls Royce when what I really need is a karmic kick in the ass, I will be kicked in the ass. If I ask for love and I have not done the preparation work to become available to love, the universe will send me the hard ass lesson that I need to prepare myself. There is no sense in doing it any other way. The universe is only interested in authentic expansion. Nothing feigned will do.

If the universe is attuned to anything, it is attuned to our 'soulular state', how close or how far we are from honoring our innate image (the being we came here to humanifest) for this lifetime. So if I am born to be a healer, the Universe will make it difficult for me to truly enjoy my life as an accountant. We are each here to shape our soul to the next stage in its expansion. That shaping is essential on an individual level, and it is also essential on a collective level. To the extent that I honor my callings and lessons in this lifetime, other souls expand as well. The whole thing falls apart when souls choose not to humanifest their innate image.

It has been my experience that even when I am in the most authentically positive place, I don't always get what I think I want. Abundance is a funny thing. From an egoic perspective, what is abundant is achievement, material success, power over others etc. But from the soul's perspective, abundance is an entirely different story. For some of us, it is abundant to live a simple spiritual life. For others, the actualization of our innate image requires a lot of work in the pain realms in one form or another. Not everyone who clings to pain does so because they are addicted to it. Some of us are here to expand our capacity to feel our pain, without detachment or substitute gratifications getting in the way. Most of us have a certain number of painful lessons to learn in order to actually transform our soul's consciousness. Simply put, abundance can include an abundance of challenges, too. The ladder to heaven is composed of broken rungs. We need to understand this deeply.

The real secret to humanifestation is being true to your soulshape, whatever that means to you. When you make a request of the universe, be sure that your thoughts and your spirit are truly aligned. Be sure to know who is doing the asking (who am I, really?), know what you truly need, and be sure that you ask for it when you are truly ready to receive it. Otherwise, your wishful thinking will simply fall to the bottom of the fountain with all the rest of the pennies.