“Jeff Brown is an iconoclastic visionary about intimate matters. There aren’t many of those around, since most modern geniuses seem devoted to seemingly more glamorous and critical matters like artificial intelligence, 3-D printers, and smart chips implanted in our brains. But the truth is—at least in my view—revolutionizing the way we do our inner work and craft our intimate relationships is the most important action we can take to transform the world. And Jeff provides potent ideas to help us do just that. His rigorous imagination is in service to creating a more emotionally intelligent culture. When I read his words, I get riled up in all the best ways. He disrupts my habitual thought grooves, which inevitably leads to unexpected healings and inspirations. These days the word ‘soul’ gets carelessly bandied around by many lazy and sloppy thinkers, but Jeff is not one of them. He is reverent and impeccable, an astute connoisseur of the soul and its needs.”
author of the weekly column Free Will Astrology and the book Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia


Exchange your righteousness for humanness, your judgments for compassion, your hopelessness for faith, your armor for love. Such a sweet planet we live on when we walk it with heart.

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‘Sacred Feminine Rising’
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‘Awakening Man’ Audio Course

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‘Writing Your Way Home’
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‘The Poetry Healing’
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‘Healing Unresolved Love Relationships’ Audio Course

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I work with you to both identify your sacred purpose, and to harmonize it with your outer life.



Author, Teacher, Grounded Spiritualist & Enrealment Activist


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Jeff with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau
Grounded Spirituality Arrives!

Writing on Walls

Jeff discusses ‘Grounded Spirituality’ with singer LeAnn Rimes